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British Airways’ Club Europe class offers passengers access to airport lounges, a guaranteed empty seat next to you, complimentary food and drinks on board, and boosted points earnings, but not much more.

Club Europe is the name that British Airways gives to the short-haul Business Class product offered on its flights within Europe.

I have written before about whether British Airways Club Europe is worth the money and when we recently flew from Heathrow to Stockholm, we decided to revisit this.

Club Europe offers passengers a dedicated Club Europe check-in desk at most airports, Fast Track security at London airports and priority boarding. Our check-in at Heathrow was surprisingly easy and we were through Fast Track security in less than 10 minutes. However, the boarding process at the B gates was tardy and somewhat disorganized.

Club Europe’s flexible baggage policy permits passengers to bring two items on board: a full-sized cabin bag alongside a laptop or handbag, which is ideal for minimalist travel or day-return trips. The option to check in up to two additional bags is also a useful option for those travelling extensively through Europe.

When it comes to the seating arrangement in most British Airways Club Europe cabins, the distinction from the rest of the aircraft is minimal. The airline’s strategy involves maintaining consistent seat design across the aircraft and using a curtain to partition the Club Europe cabins when needed. As a result, the primary differentiation between Club Europe seating and the rest of the cabin is the presence of a blocked middle seat.

While this arrangement provides extra shoulder space, it does not translate to enhanced legroom, a potential downside for passengers who prioritize comfort during their journeys.

The legroom remains comparable to that of standard Economy Class seats, and the width follows suit. To secure more legroom, savvy travellers should opt for exit row seats or those in row 1, should they be available.

On the technological front, most (if not all) British Airways A320s now offer onboard Wi-Fi and universal power outlets, as well as a single USB port per seat.

During our sub-two-hour flight, which whisked us to our destination in Stockholm, we were offered a drink before dinner service. The standout aspect of the in-flight experience was the attentiveness and warmth of the crew. The cabin crew exhibited exceptional hospitality, engaging in friendly conversation and showing genuine interest in our travel journey.

The meal selection had undergone noticeable improvement, with options such as perfectly cooked lamb reflecting the airline’s efforts to enhance the culinary offering. Drinks were readily available throughout the flight and the crew diligently ensured prompt refills and service.

So would I still recommend flying Club Europe? Yes, but only if you feel the price offered is good value for access to airport lounges, a guaranteed empty seat next to you, complimentary food and drinks on board, and boosted Avios and Tier Point earnings.

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