British Airways Concorde Room Lounge

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The British Airways Concorde Room Lounge is a refined and luxurious way to start a first class journey. 

With just two locations (London’s Heathrow Airport and New York City’s JFK Airport), the British Airways Concorde Room Lounge is a rare treat for even the most seasoned traveller.

As British Airways’ most exclusive lounge category, the Concorde Room is a step above the 600+ Business and First Class lounges the airline offers around the world. The Concorde Room can only be accessed by those flying First Class on British Airways or American Airlines (one guest is also welcome), or if you are a British Airways Executive Club Premier and Concorde Room card holder, or an American Airlines Concierge Key card holder.

At Heathrow, the journey to the Concorde Room begins at the first wing for passengers who will check-in at terminal five. 

For first-class passengers, check-in is swift, polite, and efficient, with its own private security.  It took Cathy and I just seven minutes from arrival at the terminal to clear security and complete the short walk to the first class lounge, which is located just to the right of security. 

If you continue through the lobby you will eventually enter the Concorde Room, a world of refined serenity with plenty of space and tasteful furnishings. As it was autumn when we travelled from London to Johannesburg, there were gorgeous shades of autumn everywhere throughout the lounge. 

Travellers can choose from one of the plentiful seating options and relax in the lounge, or enter the Concorde Room’s dining area, a secluded space where you will be seated at a table and enjoy a meal restaurant-style with an attentive server.

We chose to head to the Concorde gallery area, which is spacious and has private pods for sleeping, but also has the expanse of the terminal in front of you where you can watch planes taxi down the runway. You can even pre-book sleep pods if your time in the lounge is excessive or you’re so tired from travel that you need a quick nap.

The menu is simple (about eight-ten options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, respectively) and table service is provided whether you just want a drink or, as in our case, a light snack. 

The washroom facilities are excellent and elements spa soap and moisturizer is also available.

All in all this is one of the finest lounge experiences I have had, globally. It is a refined and luxurious way to start a first class journey and I look forward to returning to the haven of tranquillity amidst airport chaos. Well done British Airways!

Andrew Taylor

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