Reviewing Lufthansa’s Europe Business Class: Stockholm to Munich


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Lufthansa’s business class offers priority boarding and exit, spacious legroom and an overall positive experience that generally justifies its price point.

During our European tour, Cathy and I decided to try Lufthansa Europe business class as we travelled from Stockholm to Munich.

Lufthansa’s reputation for its luxurious cabins traces back to the esteemed Senator First Class, which the airline has upheld since its inception. While the current Lufthansa Business Class has been due for a revamp, the eagerly anticipated overhaul has been postponed due to the unforeseen disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. While improvements were announced years ago, production delays and the pandemic’s impact on fleet expansion indicate that the current Business Class setup will remain the norm for a few more years.

As Business Class passengers, we were presented with the option to breeze through the priority check-in counter at the airport, an efficient way to save time. This convenience also extends to Star Alliance Gold members. However, our check-in experience at Arlanda airport wasn’t without hiccups. The staff, who were not directly affiliated with Lufthansa, mistakenly issued us the wrong boarding passes. Fortunately, we noticed the mistake while still near the desk, which allowed us to rectify the situation at the counter, sparing us from a potential travel headache.

It’s worth mentioning that the fast-track security offering for Business Class travelers at Arlanda proved to be remarkably seamless and among the best encountered in our travels.

Lufthansa’s commitment to providing an exceptional lounge experience for Business Class passengers stands out. In many cities, the airline maintains distinct lounges tailored to those travelling Business Class and frequent flyers. The Business Lounges offer a comfortable space with self-service stations for coffee, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and a selection of light snacks. Elevating the experience further, the Senator Lounges, reserved for members of the Lufthansa Miles & More program and Star Alliance member airlines, feature upgraded amenities. These lounges often boast an expanded array of hot food choices, along with the luxury of showers or spa services at select locations. In Stockholm, Lufthansa utilizes the SAS Lounges, categorized into Business and Gold Card lounges.

At some locations where separate lounges aren’t available, signage directs passengers to shared entrances, while others offer distinct areas for Business and Senator lounges.

Onboard, Lufthansa’s Business Class seating retains the familiar economy layout, with the middle seat unoccupied for added comfort. An unexpected delight was the generous legroom.

After take-off, refreshments and a Caesar salad were served. Notably, the absence of alternative meal choices caught us by surprise, as Lufthansa’s official website touts the provision of full meals, even on short and medium-haul routes, presented on high-quality china.

Alcohol is complimentary in Business Class, with Lufthansa’s diverse wine list featuring a spectrum of German whites and reds, international selections, and elegant French Champagne. Standard soft drinks and spirits were also available, and the attentive crew promptly replenished our drinks upon request, ensuring friendly and efficient service.

Our Munich arrival was right on time, and our checked baggage, labeled as “priority baggage,” promptly emerged among the first items on the carousel.

Would I opt for Lufthansa’s Europe Business Class again? The answer is a resounding yes, and here’s why. Firstly, the price point, secured well in advance (90 days), was exceptionally appealing. Secondly, the spacious legroom was a delightful bonus. Lastly, the seamless priority boarding and exit, coupled with the overall experience, made the journey well worth the investment, even for a quick flight

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