Steal, Deal, and Splurge: Visiting Cabo San Lucas

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Unique volcanic rock shaped mountains, dry heat, and gobsmacking beaches galore, Cabos San Lucas doesn’t disappoint.

On the southern tip of Mexico's dry and mountainous Baja California Sur peninsula rests Cabo San Lucas, part of Los Cabos. Los Cabos is made up of two cities, Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo in the Baja California Sur state and is breathtaking on the worst of days.

I’d been to Cancun in the state of Quintana Roo years ago, but only recently did I discover the incredible beauty that the Baja holds.

Unique volcanic rock shaped mountains, dry heat, and gob smacking beaches galore, Cabos San Lucas doesn’t disappoint. There’s something for everyone in the area. Cabo San Lucas offers watersports and nightlife, whereas San José del Cabo is home to countless boutiques, art galleries and cafes.

Read on to learn where you’ll get a steal and a deal and what’s worth a splurge in Cabo San Lucas.


Steal: Hotel Tesoro Los Cabos

We opted for Tesoro as our hotel and were happy we did. The hotel is located in the marina, meaning we had a short truck on foot to El Medano beach, but were in the town’s center, nearby Mt. Solmar, Pedregal, many restaurants, water sports and major transportation.

The hotel offered a lovely view, central pool, classic architecture and an all-inclusive breakfast—our preference to allow for dining out for other meals.

While the hotel could use an upgrade, it certainly fit our needs and the staff were very accommodating.

Deal: Casa Dorada Resort & Spa

Located on El Medano beach, Casa Dorada Resort & Spa is close to the marina, and it’s got a beachfront.

Relax and enjoy the many amenities including seven restaurants, two swimming pools and close proximity to golf courses and San José del Cabo.

Splurge: Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal

Located in the hills of the rich and famous, the Pedregal, the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal features anything and everything your heart could desire. From culinary excellence to high end shopping and curated itineraries, the Waldorf should be considered for those with bigger budgets.


Steal: Wicked Pizza

For a no nonsense bite, try Wicked Pizza. Select from their menu or make your own pizza, complete with a variety of crusts. The joint seats no more than half a dozen tables and is a great spot to people watch.

Deal: Salvatore G's

If you’re a fan of Italian food and gigantic portions, don’t skip Salvatore G’s. We tried their classic spaghetti and meatballs and lemon caper chicken pasta—the pair were a hit and there was more than enough for leftovers.

Splurge: Edith’s or Don Manuel’s

For fine dining Mexican cuisine in Cabo San Lucas, try Edith’s or Don Manuel’s.

Edith’s is near El Medano beach, whereas Don Manuel’s is located in the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal. If you can’t splurge on your accommodation, why not enjoy the venue over a meal?

Both require reservations and unlike most restaurants in beachy Cabo, dress code should be considered.


Steal: Head to Todos Santos, San José del Cabo or a hike

Not only did we soak up Cabo, we took coach buses to San José del Cabo and Todos Santos, two separate cities, and went on two epic hikes.

The buses left Transportes Águila (near Tesoro) and cost ~$6 CAD return trip to San José del Cabo and ~$18.00 CAD return trip to Todos Santos. The cities are colourful and quaint, much different than the tourist hub that is Cabo San Lucas.

Todos Santos holds the infamous Hotel California from the classic 70s song Hotel California by the Eagles. San José del Cabo is rich in art and fashion boutiques, and has a serene, free to visit bird sanctuary.

We went on two hikes—the first up Mt. Solmar which must be done with the resident guide and the second through the grandeur of the Pedregal.

If you’re spending seven days in Cabo, you’ll have time for all of these steals.

Deal: Spend some time snorkelling

For ~$120 CAD you’ll enjoy three hours cruising and touring Cabo by Zodiac boat, snorkelling, paddleboarding and kayaking.

The tour operators (Cabo Adventures) were knowledgeable, friendly and focused on safety. Plus, we got to explore Chileno Bay in the warm, ocean water.

Splurge: Charter a luxury yacht or go marlin fishing

Cabo is known to allure those with deep pockets, and if that’s you, spend on a luxury yacht for the day or head out marlin fishing.

Cabo is wrapped in the warm, swimmer’s paradise Gulf of California (Sea of Cortés) and turbulent, treacherous Pacific ocean. It’s a sight to see where they meet and where better to do so than a luxury yacht?

And for those who enjoy fishing, Cabo San Lucas always tops lists of where to marlin fish in the world.


If Cabo wasn’t on your radar—it is now. If this is the nudge you needed, don’t give it another thought. Catch you in Cabo!

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