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Boutique hotel 1898 The Post offers serene accommodations in an iconic, historical building in the heart of Ghent.

As part of our journey through Europe, Cathy and I decided to jump over to Ghent in Belgium.

We chose a kind of unique hotel and were extremely curious about 1898 The Post, known for being romantic yet stylish. We kind of liked the idea of hiding away in a historic building overlooking the mediaeval centre. The historic hotel is in a former post office, and it feels like stepping back in time.

We took the train from the airport in Brussels to get to Ghent and a taxi from the station dropped us right at the door of the hotel.

With views over the lively Koerenmarkt, a city square surrounded by mediaeval guildhalls and just in front of the romantic Graslei quay with the Venetian-style canal in the background, you’re right in the historical centre of Ghent. There are plenty of old fashioned beer cafés and up-market restaurants right on the doorstep of the hotel, so you don’t need a taxi and if you really need to get back to the train station we discovered that tram number one leaves from across the corner of the hotel and takes you directly there!

The grand building of the hotel dates back to the end of the 19th century, and thankfully the owners tried to remain true to the classic style of this era. There are lots of antique pieces and paintings reminiscent of a prosperous past.

The reception area of the hotel is actually on the first floor above street level so you have two choices when entering: climb a swirling stairway or take the lift. Either will bring you to the reception located in the hallway next to the main bar. When it’s busy, the reception desk may feel a bit cramped and the staff overwhelmed but that wasn’t our experience.

As for facilities, you can relax with a cocktail in The Cobbler bar (non-guests are also welcome). I preferred to grab a whiskey in the quiet Honesty Bar, reserved only for hotel guests. Note that it’s kind of in a secret place so you’ll need to ask the staff how to find it.

We booked suite 18; it’s a great value, with surrounding views of the square and the busy life outside; however you can barely hear anything through a triple pane glass. The room was extremely comfortable with a separate living room and TV and mini bar on the ground floor. To our surprise, the bedroom was up a short flight of stairsthe only drawback to this is that water is only available on the upstairs floor and not the main floor.

Breakfast is served in what’s known as The Kitchen; it is basically The Cobbler Bar that converts in the morning until 11AM into a kitchen that serves a mix of American buffet style breakfast mingled with European style a continental breakfast.

All in all the staff were amazing! It’s truly a treat to stay in a hotel as well operated and as peaceful as 1898. Serenity can truly be found right in the middle of a bustling city! We highly recommend this hotel not just for service but for location; you would be hard pressed to find a more accessible location in Ghent.

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