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The Grand Hotel Stockholm offers impeccable five-star service and luxurious accommodations in a central location. This iconic hotel belongs on every traveller’s bucket list.

Cathy and I were in search of the perfect location for our stay in Stockholm, and after careful consideration (and plenty of research), we settled on the renowned five-star Grand Hotel.

Positioned perfectly across from the Royal Palace and the picturesque harbour of Strömkajen, the Grand Hotel boasts an enviable central location that truly defines convenience. This spot grants immediate access to Stockholm’s treasures, including world-class institutions like The Modern Museum, high-end shopping at the fashion hub Bibliotekstan, and leisurely strolls across the city’s iconic bridges.

The hotel’s strategic placement in the heart of the city makes it an ideal starting point for exploration. Visitors can easily traverse Stockholm’s diverse neighbourhoods, from indulging in the art and shopping havens of Östermalm to savouring the vibrant culinary scene in Vasastan. Nearby Gamla Stan beckons with its charming coffee shops, while the trendy bars of Södermalm promise unforgettable nights. To truly experience the grandeur of Stockholm, be sure to get in touch with the remarkable Anette Enhager. She is undoubtedly the city’s finest tour guide and can be reached at

Opened in 1874, the Grand Hotel has seen many refurbishments and updates. The most recent transformation includes a restoration of the building’s facade, returning it to the original lighter colour palette that exudes timeless elegance. Amidst these changes, the hotel’s classic style endures. Of particular note is the Spegelsalen, where the historic Nobel Prize Awards took place from 1901 to 1929. Another gem is the Vinterträdgården (Winter Garden), a space still used for performances.

Comprising a total of 273 rooms, the Grand Hotel offers a range of accommodations, from Standard and Deluxe rooms to an array of suites – 70 in total. Our choice was a superior room with a captivating harbour view, which left us thoroughly impressed. Every room is thoughtfully appointed, featuring wooden fishbone floors, marble finishes in the bathrooms, and a light colour palette. These classic elements are seamlessly intertwined with modern amenities such as smart televisions and an integrated music system.

The hotel’s commitment to luxury extends even to the smallest details, evident in the opulent bedding, plush towels, cozy bathrobes, and exquisite floral arrangements crafted by the in-house florist. Some rooms even offer binoculars, enhancing the breathtaking views of the Royal Palace and the Strömkajen harbour. The hotel’s illustrious guest list includes Nobel Prize laureates, including prominent figures like Barack Obama. Among the accommodations, the Nobel Suite stands out as one of Norway’s most prestigious suites, traditionally housing the year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner and offering a balcony for winners to receive their ovation.

The Grand Hotel’s dining options are equally impressive, featuring three restaurants. The Veranda presents a rotating menu of classic dishes inspired by the seasons, and an enticing Smörgåsbord is also available year-round. For a nightcap, the grand Cadier Bar, named after the hotel’s founder Régis Cadier, offers an inviting ambiance for cocktails.

Start your day with a delicious breakfast, which can be enjoyed through à la carte room service or the buffet spread at The Veranda. The hotel’s offerings extend to wellness, boasting a state-of-the-art spa and fitness club. Spanning 15,000 square feet, the spa offers invigorating Nordic bathing rituals, revitalizing Arctic detox massages, and an array of treatments, complemented by a yoga studio and a sauna.

However, the true hallmark of the Grand Hotel lies in its impeccable service, tailored to each individual guest. Following our unforgettable experience, Cathy and I are certain to return, and we enthusiastically recommend the Grand Hotel to those seeking an extraordinary stay in Stockholm.

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