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If you’re looking for an enchanting escape into the heart of Canada’s maritime wonders, be sure to add the Archie & Isidore Hotel to your travel bucket list.

Cathy and I decided to visit the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia during our recent visit to the east coast.

Finding accommodation on the trail route can be challenging, however after some searching, we stumbled upon the Archie & Isidore Hotel, nestled in the heart of the charming Acadian town of Chéticamp, Nova Scotia. From the moment we arrived, we were enchanted by the hotel’s modern boutique ambiance and unique offerings.

The hotel has eight guest suites, each with its own distinct personality. What impressed us was the attention to detail in the rooms, which featured local artwork and thoughtful amenities like in-room coffee and a mini-bar.

We reserved suites seven and eight, which are located in the annex building and the only two rooms stacked one above the other.

 The upper suite has a king bed, while the lower suite includes two queen beds.

Both suites were tastefully decorated and complete with welcome snacks and soft drinks in the bar fridge. These carefully curated amenities create an atmosphere that feels like a home away from home.

The hotel offers contactless self-check in and a seamless guest experience. The main house retained the charm of a character home but also featured modern hotel facilities like a well-equipped gym, a cosy lounge, and even electric vehicle chargers outside. For relaxation, there are two outdoor hot tubs, exclusively accessible to guests, and a delightful communal fire pit for socialising under the stars.

During our two-night stay, we found the lack of room service to be no issue at all, as we were eager to explore the local restaurants, almost all of which featured menus that highlighted traditional Acadian cuisine (think fresh seafood and local ingredients).

One of the highlights of our stay was the accessible location, which afforded easy access to unique experiences right outside our door. The Cabot Trail winds its way through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, offering breathtaking natural beauty that can be explored by car, boat, or on foot.

In the warmer months, the nearby beaches beckon visitors to bask in the sun with a good book, while the winter brings a dramatic display of the ocean’s power.

In conclusion, our stay at the Archie & Isidore Hotel and our journey along the Cabot Trail left us with unforgettable memories. Nova Scotia’s natural beauty, combined with the hotel’s warm hospitality made it a trip to remember. If you’re looking for an enchanting escape into the heart of Canada’s maritime wonders, we highly recommend adding the Cabot Trail and its neighbouring attractions to your travel bucket list.

Stay tuned for an in-depth article about the many splendors of Nova Scotia, which we’ll be posting later this year, covering even more hidden gems and remarkable experiences in this great province.

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