Why You Should Stay at a Four Seasons Resort or Hotel

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While travelling, Cathy and I love to stay in varied hotel groups, but when it comes to sheer luxury, nothing compares to the Four Seasons.

If you’ve never been greeted by name at check-in or returned to your room to find your favourite dark chocolate on the pillow of your choice, it can be hard to fathom the five-star magic.

From the beginning, five stars denoted a difference of luxury, product and service.

Four Seasons’ information technology platform contains profiles where everything from a guest’s favorite wine to their beloved pet’s name is recorded. All that information is collected at property level and uploaded so that when you go to another Four Seasons there should be an automatic recognition.

Even if it’s your first time staying at a Four Seasons, you’ll notice the devil in the details. Forgot sunscreen or bug spray? At Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, your poolside drink comes with sunscreen. Bug spray can be found in your walk-in closet.

There are a plethora of reasons why we advocate the Four Seasons as your top travel choice, but here are some of our top reasons to visit the Four Seasons.

The Service

Many 5-star resorts offer aesthetic beauty, quality food, and enjoyable amenities, but the Four Seasons has created a worldwide group of the most hospitable employees one could ask for. We say with confidence that we don’t simply have all our needs met when we stay with the Four Seasons, but more importantly, we make friends with the staff.

The Food

Yeah, we get it….you’re here for the food pictures. Sundara, the restaurant at the Four Seasons Jimbaran is reported to be easily the best dining experience in Bali. But it doesn’t matter if you are in Punta Mita, Mexico or downtown LA, the food is awesome.

The food experience isn’t limited to the restaurants either. Fruit plates, incredible juices, coffee local Italians would be proud of, and desserts will fill your stay and your stomach.

The Royal Treatment

This point clearly plays off the incredible service I previously mentioned, but it goes much deeper than that. When you enter a Four Seasons property, you enter an oasis. The properties generally are stacked with amenities like beautiful pools to relaxing spas. Our experiences with the Four Seasons have almost all included spa treatments that left us in an absolute daze. Even if you’re not looking to stay with the Four Seasons, if you happen to have a property near you, go in for a spa treatment! Seriously…pamper yourself. You deserve it!

The Cultural Experience

It seems silly to suggest that one could have a cultural experience at a resort, doesn’t it? Trust us, it’s very possible. The Four Seasons resorts in Bali (both Sayan and Jimbaran) were built to praise, honour, and elevate the local culture. In Sayan you can partake in the “Day in the Life of a Balinese Farmer” opportunity in which you’ll learn to plant and harvest rice and then be rewarded with a spa treatment following your hard work.

At Punta Mita, chat with the locals and they will gladly help you plan a truly Mexican cultural experience like blending your own tequila.

Even at FS Westlake you’ll find Malibu Wine packages and local food that is served throughout the restaurants on the property.

Just writing this article makes me want to wander to the next Four Seasons resort I can find!

It’s worth the extra you will pay to truly get 5-star experience.

Andrew Taylor

For Andrew, travel is so much more than just learning history or taking photos. Rather, the value of travel is witnessing a lifestyle, bonding with locals, and gaining rich cultural experiences. That’s why he founded the Luxury Wanderer; a place to share itineraries, offer advice, swap stories, and foster a like-minded community of curious travellers.

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