Australia to Reopen International Borders

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Tourists and visa holders that have been vaccinated at least twice will be allowed to enter Australia beginning February 21.

On February 7, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that the country will reopen its borders to fully vaccinated international travelers beginning February 21.

The reopening represents the first time since March 2020 that most international travelers can enter Australia.

Unvaccinated travellers with medical reasons will need to continue to apply for travel exemptions, and if successful, will be required to quarantine in a hotel on arrival.

Australia has had some of the world’s strictest border controls throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The country had taken steps in recent months to relax border controls, like allowing in skilled migrants and quarantine-free travel arrangements – “travel bubbles” – with select countries like New Zealand, and most recently allowing tourists from Japan and South Korea, along with some visa holders, back into Australia.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said the announcement meant Australia was “finally back open for business”. Joyce announced that Qantas will be looking to restart additional flights to Australia from international destinations in response to expected demand.

There are around 660,000 people working in the tourism industry in Australia, and it’s also home to the most touristed destination in the country, Sydney, which attracted over 32 million visitors per year (pre-pandemic).

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